Giant Balloon


  • Inflate with helium gas.
  • Material: PVC
  • Light can be applied inside the balloon which in 12 feet diameter and above.
  • Ballloon can be in round, oval or other shapes (Round and oval shape are recommended, they are more stable when floating in the sky).
  • Logo can be created in sticker and place on the balloon as for temporally usage. (Sticker is recommended to place on oval shape giant balloon to get the smoother surface effect).


  • As a landmark.
  • Ideal for advertising and promoting different products.
  • Banners can be hung alternatively at the bottom to convey different messages.
  • High visibility over long distances.
  • Reusable after deflating – with fulfil gas to the empty balloon.
  • Colour combination for balloon is available.
  • Can be decorated with other supportive objects like flag line and windmills.
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